Suter Racing 28.8.14

Suter Racing 28.8.14


The Production at Suter-Racing is on going. The swingarm after the first machining steps. 10 TPV swingarms, ready to go… Next step are the mainframes…

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Workshop 5.8.2014


The first fire-up and roll-out… Please switch on your speakers and turn Volume to the right. And back home again…

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Workshop 28.7.14


PVM Wheels and Brakes, manufactured according to my drawings, are now assembled and installed. German quality at an attractive price. The elegant Y- Design fits perfectly with the TP-Vincent.

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Workshop 24.7.14


Terrys Prototyp is almost finished. The Countdown to Bonneville is running. After some tuning and adjustment on the Dyno, it has to go into “the box”.

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Workshop 23.7.14


An Exhaust-system is growing out of a bunch of thin-walled bends from Akrapovic. The front Header should not touch the front Wheel at Suspension full stroke. Both Headers should have the same length. The Titanium Muffler derives from a Suter Moto-2 Racebike. The Calculation of lengths and diameters comes from Alex Guissani, Chief-Engineer at Suterracing, the nice weldings from Simon Suter.

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Suter Racing 11.7.2014


Ready to start producing a 10 items batch TPV-Chassis-Kits. The Aluminium Blanks just arrived at Suter-Racing. Soon, the first chips will fall…

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Workshop 14.6.14


About 5kg Aluminium are to be machined to create the front subframe. Not an easy task on the manual Mill. About 350gr are left from the billet. Steering damper, Instruments, Steering-stops, Fairing brackets and ECU will be attached to the front subframe.

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Workshop 8.6.14


Footrest plates are from the  unfortunately failed Suter-Ilmor GP-Racer project. Pedal and lever with Vernier-adjuster are all manually machined. CNC-machined parts will follow… Also the rear brake pump is independently mounted for easy position switching. The footpiece is excentric for adjustment purpose. The brakepump plate under machining.

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Workshop 7.6.14


The Ohlins FGRT fork and the Brembo monoblocs are already installed. Wheels and Brakedisks from PVM should arrive soon. The ones fitted here are Mock-up Dummies.

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