News about ETPV-Vincent

After quiet a few months without any update here, we will try to chatch up a bit. The year 2016 was busy with some bodywork. The Ducati 916 fairing had to be entirely replaced by new designed carbon parts. As well the engine was undertook to some developement such as electronic ignition, new footrest system for left- and righthand gearshifting. Also a pair of gasflowed cylinderheads, racing-camshafts and lightened valvetrain parts, to name a few.

After the first successful roll-out 2014 at Ledenon racetrack, then some testing in 2015 and 2016, I participated the first time a race at BrĂ¼nn circuit. Short after, we went to Hockenheim GP-Circuit where I achieved 2 times the rostrum at 3. Place in the Supertwins class. Last but not least, end of september, I experienced the first crash at Oschersleben. Luckily, the damage was not so bad.

Most of the year 2018, the ETPV-Vincent will stay in the workshop. An injection-system and other engine developement needs to be done. More detailed reports with pics will follow soon.