Workshop 8.6.14

Workshop 8.6.14


Footrest plates are from the  unfortunately failed Suter-Ilmor GP-Racer project. Pedal and lever with Vernier-adjuster are all manually machined. CNC-machined parts will follow… Also the rear brake pump is independently mounted for easy position switching. The footpiece is excentric for adjustment purpose. The brakepump plate under machining.

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Workshop 7.6.14


The Ohlins FGRT fork and the Brembo monoblocs are already installed. Wheels and Brakedisks from PVM should arrive soon. The ones fitted here are Mock-up Dummies.

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Workshop 6.6.14


For the first roll-out, the Mikunis will be used. The rear Carburettor adaptor has been shortened to fit between the subframe and the shock. Throttle cables and a short-stroke twist grip are installed.

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Workshop 26.4.14


The Ohlins rear shock has arrived. together with the expansion tank it is already installed. Extended bolts to fix the “G50″ motor mounting plate to the engine on the right side are also ready. The aluminum rear subframe, made for the exhibition in Zurich, is used as a first step. a self-supporting carbon rear will follow.     Here we see the standard sprocket beside the new one for a wider chain line, pre-machined and ready to receive the internal spline. Next to it is the “duplex” blank.

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Workshop 16.4.14


The new asymmetric headbrackets are installed now. The connection to the main frame set forth precisely machined flanged sleeves. The 10mm studs, bolted with ultralight aircraft nuts, hold the sleeves in place. The oil tank is sealed by means of O-ring cord. the tank cover is bolted to the mainframe. Filler plug, drain plug with magnet and the fittings for the engine oil circuit are made and assembled. The steering bearings are inserted and adjusted. Triple clamps, made by Suter Racing, are mounted. The components fit precisely. No welding distortion, which forces one to drive the screw with the hammer

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Workshop 14.4.14


Terry Prince `s prototype is almost ready for presentation over the Easter weekend in Melbourne AU. A Kawasaki ZX12 served as organ donors for components such as wheels, suspension and brakes. The engine comes from Terry `s HRD-Vincent, which he owns since he was 16 years old. It also served for the world record-hunts in Bonneville.

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Machining of the special “G50″ Plate for a wider Chain-Line. Machining the Bore of the gearshift shaft Bearing. The Swingarm is already assembled with Bearings, Sliders and Cantilever. The “G50″ plate with shift-mechanism and clutchlever is adapted.

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Back in Black, Altefco Anotec


The components are back from the hard anodizing Anotec process at Altefco, Balterswil TG.

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Workshop 1.7.13


The first prototype has arrived in Australia and temporarily installed on a customers engine. Now the fun begins …

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